Struggling and never having money. living in a world where i don't belong. Never feeling satisfied
Posted 1145 days ago
I'm fed up with all of this, because it just feels like i'm going in a circle. i broke away from my mundane labor job to go after a dream. i took a risk and went to l.a. To work in showbiz as a crew member. i lived on a friend's floor for 6 months, then i had to deal with an insane girlfriend, and now i'm back in my hometown again, defeated. staying with my parents. i'll keep pressing on to get back there, but it feels like i'm never going to make a decent living. i couldn't even afford my own apartment. i had to have roommates at 36 years of age. my life just feels like %90 sadness and %10 joy. i can't stand it! it's so bad, that i have to take anti depressants. i'm starting to be convinced that life is all about pain. it has to change!

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